Designer Shami Oshun Matched Her Nude Face Masks to Fenty Beauty Foundation Shades


Designer Shami Oshun wanted to make it easier for her customers to pick a mask that works with their skin tone.

When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty with a nearly unheard of range of 40 foundation shades (which was eventually expanded to 50), it was a palpably influential moment. Almost immediately, makeup brands started working on expanding their own shade offerings, and three years later, Fenty foundation is still inspirational — even when it comes to non-makeup products. Case in point: Shami Oshun‘s Nude Fashion Masks.

With face coverings becoming the most indispensable accessory of 2020, we’ve had the opportunity to keep it simple with disposable masks, choose fabric with fun patterns or personal messages, or go the especially chic route of matching our masks to our skin tones. And designer Shami Oshun has made that so much easier with her masks, which are made with two layers of cotton and filter pockets.

Oshun has been making her nude face masks for several months, but she recently realized she can help her customers pinpoint their perfect shade by coordinating her SKUs with existing Fenty Beauty foundation shades. «I first put my nude masks out in April. A lot of people asked about their Fenty shade to pick the best mask for them,» she tells Allure. So she posted a chart to Twitter, and the tweet has since gotten a ton of positive attention.

«You may know that when finding ‘nude’ anything, it usually means one shade. I wanted to provide the best range of nude shades that I can,» she says. So far, she’s figured out matches for 11 different shades, but the requests for more have been rolling in since she shared the chart and announced an upcoming restock. «I hope to continue growing my nude mask range thanks to the amazing support that I have received.»

If you want in on the restock, visit at 12 p.m. EST on Saturday, September 12, and get yourself a mask that matches your favorite Fenty foundation shade for $33.

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Πηγή: Designer Shami Oshun Matched Her Nude Face Masks to Fenty Beauty Foundation Shades | Allure


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