Kylie Jenner’s Next Cosmetics Collaboration is With Her Daughter Stormi


Kylie Jenner’s first Kylie Cosmetics collaboration for 2020 is with her daughter Stormi. We’re honestly surprised that it took this long. The makeup mogul just took to Instagram to share a behind-the-scenes snap of her new Valentine’s Day collection, which appears to be inspired by none other than soon to be two-year-old Stormi and their mutual love of butterflies.

Stormi’s second birthday is on February 1, so the timing for a Valentine’s Day launch makes sense. In the photo, Stormi is seen hard at work looking at line sheets of a few products in the collection. Under Stormi’s arm is a photo of new violet and butterfly-inspired Lip Kit packaging. The toddler’s name is written across the front of the box in purple glitter. There’s also a shot of a nine-pan eyeshadow palette.

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