Monster Claw Halloween Cupcakes


Halloween movies, pumpkin carving, and creepy cupcakes…spooktastic.

Fuzzy Monster Claw Cupcakes from Bakingdom

Not everyone is into a creepy Halloween, though, so I decided to make a tamer version of these clawed cupcakes, too. Seriously, cutest deadly monster claws ever.

Clawed Cupcakes How to by Bakingdom

To give the creepy cupcakes the clawed effect on top, I frosted them normally, using a large round tip. You can ice these with a small spatula, or any tip you like. Once frosted, I dragged the handle of a small spoon through the frosting in four parallel lines. To finish up, I tinted a small amount of frosting very red, then used a small paint brush to paint the red frosting onto the claw marks. This technique also added a jagged, torn-looking texture that made the claw marks more realistic. Once each cupcake was painted, I added the claws.

Fondant Claws How-to by Bakingdom

To make the claws, I used homemade marshmallow fondant (but store-bought works beautifully, too, as does marzipan). Each claw started out as a small ball weighing 3 grams. I shaped each ball into an elongated teardrop. Finally, I simply curved each teardrop down to create a claw shape.

Fondant Claws by ©Bakingdom

For the creepy cupcakes, I also added a bit more of the red frosting to the tips of the claws to make them even scarier.

Creepy Clawed Halloween Cupcakes from Bakindom

Even though I’m totally creeped out by them, I think these turned out fantastic! I guess the fact that I am totally creeped out by them is proof of how great they are. These would be perfect for an older kid Halloween party, and excellent for adults. I really think little kids would find them freaking cool, too, but that’s more of a parental discretion type thing. 😉

Fuzzy Clawed Halloween Cupcakes from Bakingdom

These fuzzy, monster cupcakes are just as fun, and a lot more tame, though, so if you’re not into a gory Halloween, these are perfect. To make them, I simply used a grass tip to give them ‘fur’, then i added the same claws that I used on the creepy cuppies.


Whether you go for scary or silly, both versions are fast and easy to make. You could have these decorated for a party in less than an hour (baking times not included).


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