healthy halloween treats

These healthy Halloween treats give you a break from the sugar! But they are cute and spooky enough for any kid.

A roundup of healthy Halloween treats for kids. These Halloween snacks and treats have less sugar, but are still fun for Halloween or classroom parties. #healthyhalloween #healthyhalloweentreats #halloweensnacks

healthy halloween treats

What!? Me, healthy? Yes, I can go there sometimes. (I did make these apple vampires.)  And so I’m breaking from your usual programming to bring you the latest in a less-sweet Halloween. Here are some healthy alternatives to whip up last minute for your Halloween party. Yes, indeed, you CAN have a fun Halloween with healthy Halloween treats.

I created these healthy Halloween treats for Menards to give you some healthy alternatives for your Halloween shindig.


make witch vegetable fingers

Healthy Halloween treats and snacks: Vegetable fingers

Veggie Fingers. Attach an almond slice to the end of a veggie stick, such as carrots, celery or asparagus, with a dab of cream cheese to make a “finger.” Serve the fingers reaching out of a bowl of dip.

make orange jack o’ lanterns

Healthy Halloween treats and snacks: jack o' lantern oranges

Insert a piece of green pepper into the top of a peeled orange to make “pumpkins.” Or, use a black edible marker (available in the craft store) to draw a Jack O’ Lantern face on an unpeeled orange. Let the marker dry and draw a second coat to make the face darker. Make a hole at the top of the orange with a knife and insert a piece of green candy for the stem, such as a rolled up piece of fruit leather.

make apple bites

Healthy Halloween treats and snacks: Apple monster bites

Apple Grins. Sandwich peanut butter or jelly and almond slivers or apple pieces between two slices of apple to make a silly grin.


make healthy apple monsters

Healthy Halloween treats and snacks: Peanut butter apple monsters

Not-So-Candy Apples. Instead of dipping apples in sugary caramel, insert a lollipop stick into the apple and spread sesame seed butter over the surface. You can then roll in bits of dried fruit, nuts, or coconut. But to make them much creepier, stick a bunch of candy eyes to the sesame seed butter. make cracker spiders

Healthy Halloween treats and snacks: sandwich crackers spiders

Spider Snack. Make a cracker sandwich with cream cheese or any other favorite spread and use pretzel stick pieces for spider legs.

make halloween pizza

Healthy Halloween treats and snacks: spider and mummy pizzas

Freaky Pizzas. Separate store-bought pizza crust into four individual pizzas, and decorate for Halloween. Olives and olive pieces can make spiders. For mummies, place pieces of mozzarella cheese sticks across the dough and use olive slices for eyes. Olive eyes and pepperoni cut into triangle teeth make monsters.

make monster snack containers

Healthy Halloween treats and snacks: ghost snack containers

Paper Cup Monsters. Decorate paper cups to look like Frankenstein, zombie, vampire, mummy or ghost faces, and fill with a healthy snack mix. Have the kids help draw the faces before the party.


make mummy drinks

Healthy Halloween treats and snacks: Mummy wrapped drinks

Mummies Everywhere.  Wrap bananas, oranges, apples, juice boxes, water bottles or anything else you can think of with gauze. Use non-toxic glue to stick googly-eyes on the front to complete the mummy look. (Just be sure to serve to kids old enough to understand the gauze and eyes are not edible.)

make popcorn ball monsters

Healthy Halloween treats and snacks: healthy popcorn ball monsters

Healthy popcorn balls. Microwave 1/2 cup honey, 1/2 cup sesame seed butter, and 1/2 teaspoon salt for 45 seconds or until bubbling. Whisk until smooth. Pour over a bowl filled with 6 cups of popcorn and gently mix. When the popcorn cools to the touch, shape into 2-inch balls. (Tip: Wet hands with cold water to prevent sticking). Attach candy eyes.

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