Landscaping Pros Have Been Giving Free Lawn Care Services to Healthcare Workers, Relieving Their Stress


Project Evergreen has been mowing lawns for frontline workers taking some of the stress out of their lives while beautifying the environment for when they return home.

Lee’s Summit, Missouri Weed Man workers volunteering

During the pandemic, households with a first responder or healthcare worker do not need to be thinking about getting their yard work done. That’s why the national non-profit, which is fueled by volunteers from landscaping companies like Weed Man, show up at the homes of essential workers like Logan Gillen, an ER nurse, who can then spend hours with his family when he’s not at work.

The project pairs Weed Man franchisees with local heroes near them, providing free services to help 38 healthcare workers. So far, the project has delivered manicured lawns to front line heroes in six states. Other volunteers, like church groups, have been paired with heroes as well.

“The Green Care Program for front line workers has given us at Weed Man Fresno an opportunity to show our appreciation and help those who dedicate their lives to helping others,” said owner Jeff Kollenkark.

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“We have a total of nine customers in the program and are blessed to be able to give back to the hard working front line workers who put their lives at risk every day.”

Cindy Code of Project Evergreen said volunteers at nine locations in seven states have been servicing military families through the GreenCare for Troops program since 2006.

Military families face many challenges when their love one is deployed, and taking lawn care off their to-do list has been a big help—and in 2020 they expanded the initiative when they saw the hospital workers feeling the same stress.

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Trimming some of their workload by trimming their grass has proven to be a great way to show our heroes some ‘corona kindness’.

Πηγή: Landscaping Pros Have Been Giving Free Lawn Care Services to Healthcare Workers, Relieving Their Stress


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