The key swimwear trends to know for summer 2020


Whether you wear it by the water or in the city, a swimsuit is a fashionable piece in its own right, and right in line with seasonal trends. Take this opportunity for Vogue to present the models that will make their mark on the beach wardrobe this summer.

Which swimsuits to invest in for summer 2020

Whether you choose a swimsuit with a minimalist aesthetic, a one-piece, a bikini or statement piece from a famous fashion house or a young designer, the swimwear wardrobe of 2020 bets on pretty retro accents, updated to the taste of modernity. The proof is in the return of gingham, a print propelled to the forefront of the fashion scene in the late 1950s by Brigitte Bardot at her wedding to Jacques Charrier.

In the same vein, the ultra-80s cut-out swimsuit remains one of the most sought-after today according to the fashion platform Stylight, and is joined by even sexier models, with wild prints, lace up styles or flirting with couture aesthetics, like the Isa Boulder models. More recently, a +350% increase in research has been linked to the “scrunch” bikini trend – featuring stretch material like the models by Hunza G.


Because we like its versatility and the possibility to wear it alone in the summer as well as with a more urban silhouette, the one-piece swimsuit exchanges its simple lines for graphic volumes. The ultimate style tip? This summer, bet on an asymmetrical swimsuit, which is a sure-fire way to increase your fashion credentials. 


Always in a retro vein, as a change from the traditional bikini, the high waist swimsuit is no less sexy. Whether it’s timeless, worn as a second skin or color-block, Vogue has selected its 20 favorite high-waisted bikinis for the perfect summer silhouette.

Swimwear labels to know 

Socially and environmentally engaged 

Because it is important today to produce less to produce better, many swimwear brands are now opting for transparency and more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods. A convincing example is the eponymous Talia Collins label and its timeless swimwear, made from recycled fishing nets, part of the profits of which are donated to the Healthy Seas association. Alongside it, the brands Casa RakiScampi and Fisch Swim are also committed in their own way to protecting the oceans.

A grand night out

From day to night… From the models imagined by the designer Leslie Amon to those designed by the Italian brand Oséree, passing by the reversible option of Louisa Ballou or the sexy made-in-Sweden style by the ACK label, the swimsuit also becomes an object of desire at sunset, either an ally of everyday style, delicately sublimated with iridescent, glittering textures or incorporating elements reminiscent of the world of lingerie.

Cult swimsuits

How about we use icons to find the perfect swimsuit? Whether you copy the 1960s look of Brigitte Bardot, the chic signature of Hubert de Givenchy‘s muse Audrey Hepburn, or the ultra-inspiring bohemian look of Jane Birkin, investing in a swimsuit similar to the ones they wore seems like the ideal option to keep it more than just one summer. 

From a 1970s spirit like Farrah Fawcett and immaculate white like Elizabeth Taylor to lagoon blue like Denise Richards… For those who wish to opt for a one-piece model this summer, the possibilities are endless. 

Translated by Freya Doggett


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