So, What is Toy Minimalism?


Toy minimalism is more than just getting rid of toys. It’s about choosing the childhood you want to give your kids. 

When you choose the toys that lead to the lifestyle and childhood you want for your kids, it makes it simple to cut off all of the excess. 

And most importantly, you don’t replace what you got rid of with more junk. You and your kids learn to be content with less and enjoy watching your children’s imaginations grow. 

How toy minimalism can improve your life.

How to pursue toy minimalism. #toyminimalism #toys

Toys Kept

Start with the toys you want to keep. This allows your children to feel like they can keep their favorite toys safe and keeps them from feeling like they’re being punished. 

We kept toys that contribute to the childhood we want for our kids.

This includes:

  • Small animals, Little People, dolls, and wooden toys (Toys that require imagination to play with)
  • Favorite stuffed animals
  • “Pretend toys” – Doctor Kit, Play Kitchen, Mop and Broom Set
  • Motor skill toys – Balls, Slide, Cutting Fruit Set, T-Ball Set
  • Art supplies – Etch A Sketch or Magnetic Drawing Board, crayons, stickers, coloring books, Sidewalk Chalk
  • Building toys – Mega Bloks and LEGOS, blocks, Stacking and Nesting Cups, Magnetic Blocks
  • A few bags and containers (for sensory play with water or just for carrying toys around)
  • Dress up clothes and jewelry
  • Wooden Peg Puzzles

Toys Tossed

We got rid of any toys that didn’t contribute to the childhood we wanted for our kids.

This included:

  • Things she didn’t play with
  • Noisy, light up toys
  • Toys that didn’t lean toward imaginative play
  • Collections of toys that were just dumped on the floor and left every day
  • Unloved stuffed animals
  • Hand-me-down toys that never interested her
  • Toys that encourage behaviors we don’t want for her (such as multiple play cell phones – we don’t allow small screens for our kids)
  • Broken or damaged toys

What We’ve Gained

More room for play…
More imaginative play…
More independent play…
More contentment…
More curiosity…
Less boredom…
Less stress for mama…
Less cleaning
A happier home.


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