French hospital discovers it treated coronavirus patient in December

A French hospital has determined it treated a patient with COVID-19 in December, nearly a month before the nation confirmed its first infection, a doctor told a French news outlet.

While retesting old samples, the hospital discovered a pneumonia patient who was positive for the coronavirus as early as Dec. 27, Yves Cohen, head of resuscitation at the Avicenne and Jean Verdier hospitals in Paris, told BFM TV. 

Cohen said it was too early to say whether the man treated in December was «patient zero» for France. The man survived after being sick for 15 days, and officials have launched a tracing investigation.

He had infected his two children but not his wife, who works at a sushi stand at a supermarket along side colleagues of Chinese origin. The patient had not traveled abroad, but it is unclear if his wife’s coworkers traveled to China.

  • Slide 1 of 47: A woman wearing a face mask to protect against coronavirus walks past wax faces displayed in a window of a wax museum in St.Petersburg, Russia, Monday, May 4, 2020.
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  • Slide 3 of 47: WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - MAY 05: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks to media during a press conference at Parliament on May 05, 2020 in Wellington, New Zealand. No new COVID-19 cases or related deaths have been recorded in New Zealand for the second day in a row since lockdown measures were introduced in response to the coronavirus pandemic. New Zealand's lockdown measures eased slightly on April 28 as the country moved to COVID-19 Alert Level 3. New Zealanders must still remain home unless going to work, school, picking up essential supplies or exercising, but under Level 3, recreational activities such as swimming, surfing, fishing and hunting are allowed provided social distancing is maintained. Restaurants, cafes and other food businesses may now offer takeaway or delivery services only. Schools are open for children up to Year 10 who cannot study from home, or whose parents need to return to work. Mass gatherings remain banned, and only at Level 2 will indoor events of 100 people or outdoor events of 500 people be permitted. However, under Alert Level 3 an exception has been made for funerals and weddings, with no more than 10 attendees now permitted provided there is no reception event or food served. New Zealand has been in full lockdown since March 26. (Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images)
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«We’re wondering whether she was asymptomatic,» Cohen said. «He may be the ‘patient zero’, but perhaps there are others in other regions. All the negative PCRs for pneumonia must be tested again. The virus was probably circulating,» he added, referring to a genetic screening test.

France first identified three cases of coronavirus on Jan. 24, with two in Paris and one in the city of Bordeaux.

As of Monday evening, France has confirmed at least 169,583 cases of coronavirus, leading to at least 25,204 deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University

Justine Coleman

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