Cheesy BreakfastBakes ~ Recipe



8 rashers streaky bacon,

cut in half

4 mozzarella cheese slices, a circle cut out of each using a cookie cutter4 eggs


Preheat your oven to 180 degrees fan

Take your bacon, and using 4 halves of rashers, create a lattice.

Repeat 4 times and place into a Yorkshire pudding tin, one lattice per cup, and spread with your fingers so there are no gaps, and the bacon reaches to the top of the indent.

Place in oven for ten minutes. Cut your cheese circles and set aside. When the ten minutes is up, remove the bacon from the oven, place a cheese circle in the centre of each lattice, and then crack an egg in each.

Return to oven for anther ten minutes, then serve either with salad or in a soft bun.

Πηγή: Tastemade: Cheesy Breakfast Bakes ~ Recipe



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