Have you seen Samsung’s invisible keyboard?

Our devices are getting smaller, lighter, and increasingly wire-free, but Samsung has gone step further in our quest for portable productivity: say hello to SelfieType, the first keyboardless keyboard. Sounds crackers, but it’s true. The boffins at Samsung Electronics’ in-house incubation program C-Lab have developed AI software that analyses your finger movements and then translates them into QWERTY keyboard inputs on your device. All you need to make the magic happen is a front-facing camera (from a smartphone, tablet or laptop). 

To use the invisible keyboard, you simply place your device on any flat surface, hold your hands in the typing position and start typing. Take a look at the video below to see SelfieType in action – you will be impressed.


The more we look at the SelfieType the more we love it – the benefits, unlike the keyboard itself, are obvious for all to see. No more making do with a cut-down keyboard with tiny keys. You can type messages and emails on your smartphone easier and faster than any thumb technique. And, you won’t need to lug around any clunky clip-on keyboards. Your keyboard will always be with wherever you are. 

If seems too good to be true, but they say seeing is believing (ahem). SelfieType is currently still at concept stage, and is being demoed at CES2020. 

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