Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Eraser Stick Boasts a Clear Gel Formula

Unlike most makeup removers that take the form of liquid products, Neutrogena released an innovative makeup remover stick. The Makeup Remover Eraser Stick is best used for on-the-go touch-ups and perfecting makeup, since its portable, pen-like formula allows for a great deal of precision.


The Makeup Remover Eraser Stick has a unique gel formula and is infused with nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E. Thanks to the way the touch-up tool can be handled, it helps to adjust makeup mishaps without disrupting the whole look. While the product is best for correcting fine details, it has the potential to be used on all areas of the face—including under the brows for definition, the cupid’s bow or the delicate eye area where winged eyeliner can be particularly tricky to apply.

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