Top Fashion Trends For The Year To Come


As the temperature drops, change in fashion trends is one of the “fixed” things to be happened. Style is forever trending and every season has got its own unique one. Many top fashion buying experts were tapped in order to weigh in the hottest trends this winter. Let us have a glance at “What is hot” when days and nights are colder.

Investment tailoring


Tailored pieces are forever. Most of the buyers are investing in this latest winter trend as they last a lifetime. Fashion and buying director of MatchesFashion, Natalie Kingham said – «Investing in winter essentials such as a pair of well-tailored wool trousers, chunky cashmere knits and a classic white shirt will be the sorts of pieces that last from season to season”. This is a simple trick and keeps the look modern.

The statement coats

Say your plain black coat a goodbye as vibrant and colorful statement coats are here to stay. The bright colored floor length coat is going to give your style statement a new high. This unique coat is worn with almost all your feminine pieces, be it a skirt, a pair of trouser or anything you like to wear inside.


“Tonal” is in

Getting dressed up with all tonal shades is trending and winter season is the best time to do all the experiments by going tonal.

There are many such trends that are going to be the “hottest trends” this winter season.

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