This Mummy DIY Is the Cool, Last-Minute Costume You’ve Been Waiting For

Instead of purchasing an expensive Halloween costume this year, we suggest you stretch out those DIY fingers and make your own. To help you get inspired, we teamed up with Holy Tee designer Michelle Zacks — purveyor of the most incredibly soft tees, skirts, and dresses you can imagine — to make our very own mummy costume out of, you guessed it, t-shirts. Not only was it super easy to put together, the results, as you can see, are amazing.


All you need are a bunch of old tees or a t-shirt pack, a ruler, scissors, camisole, and leggings or biker shorts, depending on how much coverage you want. We used a white tee for our DIY, but you can always opt for black tees or stain your white t-shirts with fake blood or dirt to mix things up. Ready to make your very own mummy for Halloween? Just click the slideshow to see our easy step-by-step instructions


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