Givenchy’s Holiday makeup collection for 2019 combines whimsy and elegance

Givenchy is offering women an opportunity to put on their boldest face with confident, dramatic makeup for the holiday season. The «Red Line» collection will be available from November 4 in a number of points of sale listed on


This Holiday season, don’t hesitate to add a pop of red, a splash of glitter, and a dose of audacity to your look. The Givenchy brand is pulling out all the stops with its new «Red Line» collection, entirely dedicated to end-of-year festivities, with intense shades that go from matte to luminous, metallic to glowing — with all of them revolving around the most powerful of colors: red.

Artistic director for makeup Nicolas Degennes wanted the Red Line collection to help women create an assertive holiday look that pushes boundaries, with red as a source of courage, strength and intensity.


The collection’s flagship product is undoubtedly the «Red Lights» palette, for the eyes and the face, with shades combining matte with shimmer. A blush, highlighter and eyeshadow hybrid, this shiny red palette is composed of a vibrant red, a bright pink, a bold peach, and metallic gold.

For a flawless complexion, Givenchy is updating its classic «Prisme Libre» mattifying loose powder with a new take on the compact’s iconic «Mousseline Pastel» shade. For the occasion, the tone-correcting green that beauty addicts are used to is replaced by a bolder, luminous pink, «Sparkling Mousseline,» rounded out with the classic blue, purple, and white shades, all of which are meant to give the skin a naturally smooth, even complexion.


Last but not least the Rouge Interdit lipstick gets an update this holiday season with a tip embossed with several of the house’s signature 4G logos. The iconic lipstick is available in a pearlescent Bold Red, alongside Thrilling Brown, an earthy red.

Givenchy’s «Red Line» collection will be available from November 4, at prices ranging from US$35 to US$60.


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