9 Packing Tips: the Worst Mistakes you Need to Avoid

Avoid these common mistakes to ensure you are packing to perfection for your next vacation!

Here they are:

1. Overpacking

This is by far the most common mistake everyone makes (yes, myself included, but I am learning…). You need to think about what you are really going to use and wear.

If you only wear that pair of jeans at home, why would you bring another 10 pairs of trousers you haven’t used for the last 3 years?

2. You need a list

Making a list has completely changed the way I pack for my holidays.

I used to think I could remember everything, but there are so many little things to keep in mind: chargers, toothbrush, underwear, socks…

Make a packing list and start writing it a few weeks before your trip. You can then save it and re-use it for future holidays. I have a list for summer vacations, one for short weekends and one for winter breaks.

3. Not checking the weather

There is nothing worse than having a bag full of the wrong clothes! You see, the weather can be quite unpredictable at times. Remember to check the forecast before you start packing. Report this ad

It also helps to always pack a rain jacket with a mix of clothes that can be layered if necessary.

4. Fold, don’t roll

Rolling your clothes has been the suggested way to go for a while. But by rolling, you get lots more wrinkles, and you are not actually saving any space.

You need to fold your clothes, the Marie Kondo way. I swear you will save space!

I also love using packing cubes to organize and separate all my stuff into categories. You can easily identify which cube contains what and keep everything in order. Packing cubes also help to compress your clothes, and when you remove them from your bag, you don’t make a complete mess while trying to find the right t-shirt!

5. About your shoes…

Make sure you put your shoes (and any heavy item) at the bottom of your luggage. Also make sure you always put shoes in shoe bags, to avoid any dirt getting on your clean clothes. If you don’t have shoe bags, a plastic bag will be fine.

And please, do not bring more than three pairs of shoes! You won’t use them anyway! You’ll just need some walking shoes, a more elegant pair, such as sandals and high-heels, for special evenings and some flip-flops if you are going to a beach location.

6. Not bringing  a swimsuit

The best packing tips from the pro! The ultimate list of packing mistakes to avoid to ensure you are packing to perfection for your next vacation!

Swimming suits don’t take much space, and it’s always a good idea to bring one. You never know, you might find a jacuzzi or a pool you weren’t expecting.

7. Waiting until the last minute

Guess what? When you leave packing to a few hours before your trip, all you are going to achieve is a lot of stress. You are much more likely to forget something essential as you won’t have much time for planning. Make sure you start thinking in advance about what you’ll need, what clothes you’ll be wearing and what shoes you’ll need to pack. This will help you to start your vacation more relaxed.

8. Only packing light colors

As much as light colors are nice, especially if you are going for a summer holiday, they show dirt and wear much more than darker colored items. Make sure you pack some darker clothes, in case of a last minute laundry emergency.

9. Forgetting a laundry bag

We always fill our luggage with dirty clothes on the way back, but inevitably some pieces will still be clean. A laundry bag or even a grocery bag will help to keep dirty and clean clothes separate and make unpacking easier at home.

Ready to pack?

Avoid these packing mistakes, and you will be ready for your next holiday in no time!

3 Surprising Travel Essentials

And while you are packing for your holidays, you need to check out these travel essentials I can’t live without!


I love zip-lock bags! Since I started using them, I can’t live without. They help you to keep all those little bits that don’t have a place organized, you can use them for dividing your beauty essentials or to safely store your travel documents..


Padlocks are very helpful to keep your belongings safe, but we think the best option is a solid numerical one.

It will avoid having to carry extra keys, that can get easily lost while moving around.


Ok, this is not very surprising BUT some of its uses might be. I am sure you will not find yourself on a desert island surviving adventure, but you might need a bottle opener on the beach or a pair of scissors to save the day.


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