Get Your Prime Account Ready! Lady Gaga is Launching a Makeup Brand on Amazon


There could be 100 lipsticks in the room … but all we want is one from Lady Gaga’s new makeup collection. It’s official – the queen of slaying red-carpet looks is launching a beauty brand!

Called Haus Laboratories, the collection will be available exclusively on Amazon (Hello, 2-day shipping!), and while it officially launches in September, shoppers will be able to preorder items on Prime Day, July 15, starting at 3 a.m. Eastern Time.

As far as the products, we can expect to see six different “haus” collections – Haus of Chained Ballerina, Haus of Goddess, Haus of Rockstar, to name a few – which will each include a trio of Glam Attack Powder, RIP Lip Liner, and Le Riot Lip Gloss for $49. Also available will be nine limited-edition duo sets that range from $26 to $36.

In true Gaga fashion, the formulas will be pigment-forward with a high-impact color payoff; users are encouraged to color outside the lines, and see the products as self-expression tools.

Gaga shared on Instagram that “This is a labor of love and passion to be the Warhol of an artist I’ve always wanted to be. I love everyone who works w/ me at @hauslabs we are a family on a mission: to inspire bravery, inspire a positive community that breeds self-acceptance. We want you to see you as yourself.”

A glimpse at the first photos reveals a mix of both neutral lippies (from the Haus of Chained Ballerina), and bold tones like a shimmery jade eyeshadow (from the Haus of Dynasty), wrapped in chic packaging we can’t wait to get our hands on. Mark your calendars now, Little Monsters, because this is one Prime Day event you don’t want to miss.



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