Go Outside and Walk

5 Summer Self-Care Tips For Working Moms

Like Rebecca Cafiero suggests, self-care during work time is highly recommended. Make it simple – get outside during lunch and go for a walk, or grab another coworker to walk with you helps share social time and exercise together. After sitting in front of a computer all day or being inside under air conditioning, it’s a nice change for your body to be in the sun. If possible, instead of driving to get lunch or coffee, walk.

Visit the Farmers Markets

5 Summer Self-Care Tips For Working Moms

During the summer, many cities and towns hold Farmer’s Markets with local fruits and vegetables. Visiting the Farmer’s Market can be a relaxing adventure. Getting out in the fresh air, walking around to visit the different stands. Being able to find fresh and healthy food for your family is a great way to get in the mood for self-care. This is a great time for busy working moms to go on their own and spend time outdoors.

Schedule in a Check-up 

5 Summer Self-Care Tips For Working Moms

Although not everyone finds comfort and ease in visiting the doctor, it is an important aspect self-care. Doing routine checkups helps to catch any problematic issues that might arise in your health, which will benefit your entire family when you are checking in frequently with your health.

Make Time for Yoga

5 Summer Self-Care Tips For Working Moms

Yoga is more than just an exercise class. It involve strength, meditation and both physical and mental practice. Being aware of your own body and quieting your mind during meditation are all part of the experience. And as a bonus, practicing yoga can be done anywhere – at least anywhere that maintains a bit of quiet. 

Deep Clean Your Home

5 Summer Self-Care Tips For Working Moms

Deep cleaning your home is another form of self-care. Believe it or not, decluttering and cleansing your home is a surefire way to free your mind from stress and welcome in a calm. Removing dirt and germs from the home makes a home feel more inviting and relaxing, and knowing that everything is clean helps busy working moms to feel accomplished and ready to relax.


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