Leading summer makeup trends for 2019


Watermelons and mangoes have arrived with this summer and so is the new makeup trend. But some of the things never go out of summer trends such as applying sunscreen before an outing and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Amidst all of this, there are some important hacks that should be kept in mind. One should avoid using too much liquid foundation when going for a day outing as the sun can spoil your look with sweat. Try to use a dry foundation and instead opt for a more natural look. Check out some trending makeup looks.

Metallic eye-shadow with glossy lips: This look is perfect for a day outing. But before applying metallic eye-shadow one should not forget to apply primer on one’s eyes. And to enhance your look, a combination of two metallic colors can be donned confined only to eyelids and lower line. Glossy lips look perfect with metallic eyes. You can use silver and golden hues with pinkish or earthy shades for lips.

Dewy Makeup look: Dewy makeup look is perfect for those who love the natural radiant look. This look can be donned for a party or even an outing with friends. To get this look grab an illuminating, lightweight foundation after applying a matte primer. Use a peachy tone blush and finally apply an illuminating powder. Tada! You are ready for an outing.

Bronze Makeup look: Be it a wedding or a late night party, bronzed makeup is all you need. Opt for cream bronzer more as it will be easily absorbed by the skin in summer. For donning this look apply matte bronzer on your eyelids highlighting your inner corners of eyes with a metallic highlighter. To give a final touch, apply a shimmery liquid highlighter with red or brown bronzed lipstick.

Rosy makeup look: This makeup look gives you fresh and radiant looking skin. You can opt for this look at a daily office going routine too as this look is very natural looking. To get this look, apply a matte foundation after applying the primer. Use pink and peachy blush on the apple of your cheeks with natural looking pinkish or brown eye-shadow. And finally, apply a luminous highlighter or dewy makeup spray.

Wet makeup look: This makeup look gives you a perfect diva look. You can opt this makeup look at a wedding function or a party. Wet gelled hair with glossy eye-shadow will go perfect with this look. Smokey eyes will do great with it. Bronzed cheeks with a dewy highlighter will give you a great wet finish.

So, enjoy your summer with these great summers makeup trends and stay beautiful!


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