Every single thing you need to know about Jeffree Star’s concealer and powder launch


Jeffree Star has dealt with a whole lot of drama lately. First, he had $2.5 million pounds worth of makeup stolen from him, then, his upcoming Magic Star Concealer was leaked on the internet.

Jeffree hadn’t planned to reveal the products just yet, but decided that, since one of them had already been leaked he may as well do it now. In his latest YoutTube video: Magic Star Concealer & Setting Powder Reveal, Jeffree discloses ALL the deets about the hotly anticipated pair.

As the entire C5 shade was stolen, Jeffree points out that, anyone getting their hands on C5 right now is dealing with stolen goods. So, to help people differentiate between the two, he’s coating one side of his legit boxes with a secret UV code – smart, huh?

Stressing that he has tried a LOT of amazing concealers, Jeffree explained that he’d been working on Magic Star for over a year and nearly launched it before, but had his heart set on making it the best formula EVER. There are 30 shades in the range, including two colour correctors, green and a light peach, though he already has plans to expand.

He insists that every ethnicity, skin tone and undertone have been considered: «There are a lot of undertones; some people have weird undertones whether it’s red, or even if you’re really fair and olive – a lot of brands were missing certain gaps.»

The lightest shade C0, or as Jeffree refers to it – «pure white» really is the lightest concealer we think we’ve ever seen and there’s a good variation of darker tones, too. Talking about the packaging, Jeffree says that it was inspired by a magic want and he wanted it to look expensive and different to all of the boring concealers out there.

Opening it up, he goes on to share the details. The formula is fragrance free and thanks to the doe foot applicator, you get maximum product with every application. «A little really goes a long way,» says Jeffree. «Light but full coverage, it’s like an elastic powder, but the way that it dries down – it’s not matte, it’s more like satin matte. It’s for everyone: dry, oily, normal skin types. It also contains anti-ageing properties.»

He goes on to say that even though it’s lightweight, it’s got 20% pigment which = crazy coverage. He demonstrates by applying it over one of his tattoos, which incredibly, completely hides it.

The biggest complaints of most high cover concealers is their cakey, heavy unnatural looking finish. Jeffree insists that Magic Star is a whole different kettle of fish and from the video, we can really see that. «It’s so soft and has a slight luminosity to it, so you’re not getting a dry, matte finish.»

Jeffree Star


Jeffree Star


Applying the concealer to one half of his face, he then shows off the other for comparison. First thoughts? Damn it looks insanely good. He mentions that he wouldn’t normally wear concealer without foundation, as it’s too noticeable, but this one melts right into the skin.

Moving onto the powders, the claims are that it’s «weightless and ultra-fine – it’s going to set you into place.» Available in 8 shades, Jeffree says he wanted to spice things up a bit and add a subtle scent. «With the powder I added a little bit of flavour – not overwhelming where you want to die because I personally don’t like that, but it has a faint smell of baked cotton candy.» Not a fan of fragrance? Don’t worry, he goes on to say that the scent won’t last as it dissipates throughout the day.




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