The MAC x Aladdin Collection Is Dropping Soon & Here’s Everything In The Line

You can now bring Disney to your makeup routine with the new MAC x Aladdinmakeup collection. In honor of the live-action film that’s coming to theaters on May 24, MAC has partnered with Disney to bring you makeup that Jasmine herself would want to play with.

The collection consists of a nine-pan eye shadow palette, four lipsticks, three lip glosses, eyeliner, pigments, a highlighter, and a bronzer. As you can expect, each of the items are magical and will have you channeling your inner royal. «This exhilarating, new collaboration highlights the strength, beauty and confidence of Jasmine — and her sense of self-discovery and wonder as she abandons her comfort zone to discover a whole new world,» the press release reads.

The makeup collection is full of aquas and golds, silvers and fuchsias, bringing something new to your makeup box. “With flashes of frosts, pearls and metallics, simply complement these iridescent wonders against a flawless matte base like MAC Studio Fix Fluid to really make these shimmers sing,» MAC Senior Artist, Dominic Skinner, shares in the press release. «From fresh nudes and expensive golds to luxurious reds, there is something for everyone to be carried away with.”

The packaging of the collection is just as fun, where the tubes and palettes are wrapped in a vibrant, Aladdin-inspired motif. To prepare you for what’s about to drop, you can check out the whole MAC x Aladdin collection below.



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