Moschino and Sephora Created a New Makeup Collection

Two years ago, Sephora collaborated with fashion designer Jeremy Scott on the first-ever Moschino x Sephora collection — and fans went wild. Now, the powerhouse duo has partnered for a second round, this time on a limited-edition makeup collection inspired by all your back-to-school staples.

The line includes liquid highlighters in the form of highlighter markers, makeup removers made to look like erasers, pencil-themed makeup brushes, nail polish in a white-out bottle, a Macbook-style eyeshadow palette with 30 shades, and more. Every product was designed to look like a staple school supply, and boy did they deliver. The full collection debuted over the weekend at Moschino’s annual Desert Party and featured performers like Lizzo and influencers like Jasmine Sanders and Gigi Gorgeous. Naturally, everyone was obsessing over the cheeky collection the whole time.

Scott posted about the collaboration ahead of Coachella, writing, «I have super exciting news for my beauty fans… I created a new makeup collection for Sephora!!!» The photo itself is from the campaign and features a model with the school-supply–inspired products laid out in front of her. He also added when it’s launching, which you’ll be happy to know is less than a month away. In fact, it launches on April 25, which is right around the corner. You’ll be able to purchase the products — whether just a couple items or the whole lot — at and in Sephora stores. Oh, yeah, and the line will be available in Canada, too.

Mark your iCals and set those reminders because this is sure to be a sellout. In the meantime, check out the products, below.

Sephora Collection x Moschino makeup brushes that look like school supply pencils
Sephora Collection
Moschino and Sephora Created a New Makeup Collection
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Courtesy of brand
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