6 Tricks to Being Super Organized

1. Find a Focus. So you want to get organized but are overwhelmed of where to start? No worries, take a step back and find what part of your life needs the most help first. Whether that’s your office space, your kitchen, your everyday to-do’s or your closet, pick the one that you want to focus on first and start there.

2. Remove Clutter. The first step to getting organized is removing the clutter. You can’t organize a kitchen if you counter is covered with papers or your cabinets have random household items tucked away throughout. Pick your focus and remove the items that don’t fit within that category because in this space they are considered “clutter”.

3. Use Colors. Colors are great for two reasons, 1. they make everything look better and 2. they are the perfect way to organize items. I color coordinate my closet so if I know what bottom I’m wearing I know where all the matching colored tops are and I color coordinate my calendar with events and to-dos. Work events are purple, blog events are blue and everyday to-dos are green, plus pink are things for fun:) Organized by color can help save time when getting ready or when looking for items in your office. You can organize your office supplies by storing them in different colored bins so you know which bin to go to when looking for stamps.

Staying Organized

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4. Use a Planner. Like I said before my planner is always glued to me. Having a planner is the number one way to stay organized. While my planner is a little large and not everyone may need such a hefty one, keeping even a small one will help. I write down everything in my planner from laundry day and grocery shopping to work event and prepping outfit for upcoming party. It’s also a great way to know what is ahead, I check my planner every night before bed to see what I have going on the next day and to write down what I need to work on to get ahead for the week.

5. Find What Works for You. Everyone is different when it comes to getting organized, some people prefer sticky notes and pen or some prefer ical and google docs. There’s no right or wrong way, there’s just a way that works for you. Find out which way helps you and go with it!

6. Stay on Top of It. It can feel great to sit back and admire your hard work of organizing, but just be careful not to sit back for too long. Getting organized is the first step but staying organized is the hard one. Falling back into a clutter filled mess can happen in a blink of an eye, so it’s important to stay on top of it day to day.




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