Glossier Play: Everything You Need To Know About Glossier’s New Beauty Brand


Between a Game Of Thrones make-up collection and the return of seriously big hair, we thought beauty couldn’t get much better in 2019.

But, we were wrong.

Having launched a game-changing new Milky Oil cleanser last week, and extended their legendary Skin Tint shade range, Glossier have indulged our beauty obsession once again.

We’re talking about Glossier Play.

What is Glossier Play?

A brand spanking new sister line from Glossier, Glossier play is the mysterious sub-brand we’re inevitably going to be obsessed with.

‘After two years in the making, we can’t wait for you to see, touch, hear, swatch, and play with what’s to come,’ Glossier captioned its debut post about the new line.

As Glossier’s current vibe is all about less is more make-up, perhaps Glossier Play will be its younger, more colourful, sibling.

Certainly, if the debut Instagram post and the name is anything to go by, we’re in store for a seriously fun beauty brand.

Founder Emily Weiss posted the announcement on her own Instagram, ending with a heartfelt message to her team, ‘words cannot describe how proud I am of this team, and how excited I am for you to begin again with us.’


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