Bejewelled Diamanté Freckles Are The AW19 Way To Get Your Bling On


With Meghan Markle pioneering a new wave of freckle lovers, those of us who aren’t blessed with an adorable sprinkling of melanin have had to turn to alternative measures.

No, we’re not talking about freckle tattoos.

Last season, faux freckles were the outdoorsy make-up trick du jour at fashion week, popping up backstage everywhere from Preen to Ryan Lo. A rare runway look that’s actually seriously easy to recreate, simply get your hands on a brown eye pencil and dot a scattering of ‘freckles’ across your nose and cheeks.

Our top tip? Add a few subtle dots around your mouth and chin for a seriously realistic finish.

AW19 Diamante Freckle Beauty Trend


This season, however, the faux freckle game got taken up a notch. No longer satisfied with daytime faux freckles, Marco De Vincenzo and Christian Siriano’s AW19 shows just schooled us on how to give them a going-out-out makeover.

Enter diamanté freckles.

Making a glittering appearance at New York Fashion Week, Christian Siriano’s Swarovski-crystal freckles stole the spotlight.

Christian Siriano AW19 Diamante Freckles


‘It sparkles and shines just like the clothes this season,’ make-up artist Erin Parsons said of the models’ bedazzled faces. ‘I wanted to create it like a veil. Whenever I do stones I usually do them very organically. It almost feels like freckles or beauty marks.’ 

As is often the way, it takes a whole lot of work to make something look effortless. In this case, Parsons created a deliberately ‘random’ effect by placing each gemstone in precisely the same pattern on every model.

Working the look was model Ashley Graham who closed the show dressed top-to-toe in a Rihanna-esque rhinestone dress and headscarf that perfectly matched her newly bling freckles.

Meanwhile, in Milan, it seems the diamanté freckle memo had made it across the pond to make-up artist Terry Barber backstage at Marco De Vincenzo.

Upping the level of extra (quite a feat in a collection that included furry emerald green dresses, oversized Bambi clutch bags and black tulle eye masks), Barber adorned models’ cheeks with individual rhinestones.

Or as the backstage pro put it himself, ‘Studded. Raw pink and rhinestones for @marcodevincenzo show Milan. Freckles + extra.’

Marco De Vincenzo AW19 Diamante Freckles


Super fresh foundation and chunky mascara finished both skin-spangled looks. We’re calling it, bejewelled freckles are officially AW19’s prettiest beauty trend.

Disco cheeks are so hot right now.


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