Urban Decay Is Launching A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Make-Up Collection Just In Time For The Final Season


Forget fashion week, and leave Brexit to the people that actually care, because 2019’s big news just arrived in the form of Urban Decay’s Game of Thrones make-up collection.

If, like us, the phrase ‘Winter is coming’ signals a fellow GoT lover, Daenerys is your ultimate hair inspo and your Google history is almost entirely ‘do dragons exist?’ searches, then April’s final season showing will already be a firm date in your diary.

And now, thanks to beauty brand legends Urban Decay, you can match your make-up to your GoT character of choice.

Launching just in time for the final season, you can get your hands on the cult collection from April.

So far the brand behind the iconic Naked Palette haven’t revealed much information, however, the few images we do have hint at an epic, and plot line appropriate, fire and ice theme. Posting on Instagram, UD revealed two dramatic make-up looks with the phrase ‘#For The Throne’ written across them.

Think metallic cobalt eyeshadow worthy of a white walker and regal bronze lipstick and smokey eye make-up we can see Cersei being all over.

Urban Decay x Game Of Thrones Makeup


‘Urban Decay has partnered with HBO to create the Urban Decay | Game Of Thronescollection, inspired by UD’s favourite places in Westeros and the strong women of the Seven Kingdoms,’ the brand told Allure. ‘We are excited for this partnership and look forward to sharing more details in the coming months!’


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