30 Day Self Care Challenge

30 Day Self Care Challenge

  1. Get out in nature: Go sit on a bench under a tree or take a stroll in your local park.
  2. Create a bucket list: Be as brave as you like. Create a short and long-term bucket list of places you would like to travel, things you would like to do or see. This is different than a list of goals, these should be based on experiences and dreams.
  3. Meditate: If you have never meditated before you can download a free trial of the app Headspace, this is my favorite meditation app. Additionally, you can check out these books if you are interested in learning more about meditation or mindfulness. After all, self-care starts in your mind.
  4. Read: If you are not currently reading a book then maybe a trip to the bookstore is in order to pick yourself up something fun. If you are reading something already then snuggle up on the couch and get reading. You may also be interested in these self-love book recommendations. 
  5. Enjoy a cup of something warm and simple: Cup of tea anyone? Hot cocoa?
  6. Unplug from TV. Listen to music today instead: Put down the remote, turn off the Netflix and turn on some of your favorite music. See where the evening or day takes you.
  7. Connect with a  friend: Sometimes it is hard to have a date with a friend, although if you can grab coffee do that today! If you can’t see your BFF today then pick up the phone. Nourish those special relationships in your life.
  8. Go on a date with yourself: Solo movie? Dinner date? My personal favorite self-care solo date is junk food and dorky documentaries. But we can’t all be that cool.
  9. Create a gratitude list: Grab a notebook or your phone and write out everything you can think of that you are grateful for. I am grateful for coffee is legit!
  10. Take a nap: Catch some afternoon Zzz’s today! Need more convincing? Check out this post showing 5 reasons you should start napping!
  11. Pamper yourself: For me, a good pampering means a facial and bubble bath. What about you? Check out my summer time bath routine for some inspiration.
  12. Make a list of goals: This is different from your bucket list in that your goals should be things that you want to achieve not things that you wish to experience. Example: Pay off debt. Writing them out helps with solidification and manifestation.
  13. De-clutter your home: Remove at least one garbage bag of junk from your home today. Check out this list of 89 things to remove from your home to help you out. 
  14. Cook an amazing meal for yourself: Head on over to Pinterest or open that cookbook you bought but never look at and commit to making something fancy for yourself or share your cool skills with someone special.
  15. Do yoga: Check out Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube to find the perfect video for you. No, you do not need a fancy mat or gym clothes, standing in your bra in your living room works fine.
  16. Unplug from social media: Big day today! Are you ready to take the plunge?
  17. Re-watch your favorite movie: Personally, I feel that any excuse to re-watch Harry Potter is going to bring a smile to my face. What movie makes you happy every time you watch it?
  18. Get crafty: This can mean lots of different things. I like to sit and color in my coloring book. If you don’t have a creative project then head to the dollar store and grab some simple supplies.
  19. Bake something: Chocolate chip cookies anyone? If you don’t like baking then you can always take today to head to your favorite baker to get a cupcake or your favorite treat.
  20. Fall asleep to nature sounds: If you have not done this before then get ready for the best night sleep of your life. YouTube has lots of lovely sounds to drift away too.
  21. Donate or volunteer: Look through your old clothes, jackets or even tins of food and find a bag of goodies to donate to your nearest shelter or drop off.
  22. Wear your best outfit today: Be your best self for yourself today!
  23. Plant something: Head to your local flower shop or grocery store and buy yourself something green to add life to your home.
  24. Commit to a full day of clean eating: What does clean eating mean to you? Does it mean no meat? No sugar? All organic? Commit to it today!
  25. Create a vision board: If you have already written your goals and bucket list then you are ready to create your vision board. This can be as big or small as you like. Grab a few old magazines, cut out anything that inspires you or reminds you of your bucket list and goals. Once you have your images you can begin gluing them on your board. Look at this for inspiration and manifestation every day!
  26. Go to bed extra early tonight: Send yourself some love by being well rested for tomorrow. Check out these sleep remedies to help you get the best nights rest. 
  27. Spend some time looking at old pictures and memories: Look back fondly over your happiest memories.
  28. Write a self-love list: Write out all the things about yourself that you love. Even the things you don’t love so much, try and think about starting to love those too!
  29. Create a budget: If it is your first time doing a budget than even better! Start by writing out your earnings and expenses. Give yourself a maximum amount for bills within your control and miscellaneous. Bam! A simple budget, save the money left over.
  30. Go for a stroll: Sunset walk on the beach or a moonlit walk in the park? Get outside and moving.


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