Icelandic anti-cellulite body treatment


  • Plastic cup or ice pop mold
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 handful of rose petals or dried roses, optional
  • Tea towel or similar towel


1. Pour the water in the plastic cup or ice pop mold. Place in freezer and wait until frozen solid.
2. Take the ice block out of the freezer and place on plate near shower.
3. Have a warm to hot shower.
4. Before drying off, pick up the ice block using the tea towel and massage the whole body with the ice block, concentrating on the lumpy bits.
5. Follow with a body moisturizer. This Caffeine Butter Bar will also help give cellulite the wriggle on.
6. Do this once a week for three months and once a month for maintenance after that.


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