Swatch, Disney, and Damien Hirst Are Celebrating Mickey’s 90th Birthday In Style

Α long with a slew of fall collaborations timed to celebrate the 90th birthday of Mickey Mouse (some, frankly, rather better than others), Disney has worked with Swatch to produce arguably the most immediately covetable collab of the lot: a quartz-driven Mickey watch with an almighty difference.

While Swatch might have very credibly updated the classic Mickey Mouse watch first produced by Ingersoll in 1933 on its own, this is actually a three-way tie-up. The third partner, who brings a lot to the table, is the one-time enfant terrible of the Brit Art scene, Damien Hirst. In terms of collectability, Hirst’s involvement makes this release a collab of a very different order. Both editions bear Hirst’s signature on the strap’s underside.



One edition, called Mirror Spot Mickey—it has a mirrored dial—is priced at $125 and launches November 16 in a run of 19,999 pieces. It may sound like a lot, but when these go on sale in Swatch stores worldwide, they’ll likely be gone in minutes.



A second, slightly more restrained version with a black dial will sell on Mickey’s official birthday, Sunday, November 18, for just 24 hours, on Swatch’s web store—starting at the ungodly hour of 2am EST. It will, we reckon, prove even more of an investment. Priced at $185, the Spot Mickey is limited to just 1,999 pieces. I’m staying up.


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