Black Friday deals 2018 in UK: The ACTUAL amazing offers from Currys, Argos and Amazon

The US-inspired discount day is more popular than ever in the UK, with more retailers taking part each year and more customers trying to bag the best deals.

Last year, the UK’s overall spending during the sales weekend was up 11.7 per cent from £1.39bn on the previous year, despite a drop in the number of customers shopping in-store.


Black Friday 2018: Best mattress deals in the UK

Research suggests that the Black Friday 2018 sales will exceed these numbers, with a lot of this predicted growth expected to come from Amazon, which has been a leader of the pack over the years. In 2017, the online giant reportedly seized nearly 50 per cent of all online sales. 

So what is Black Friday and where can you find the best deals? If you want to get great discounts on your favourite products, here’s everything you need to know about the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an annual shopping event that first started in America and takes place on the Friday straight after Thanksgiving, when retailers would reveal major discounts on products ahead of the Christmas period. This year, it will fall on November 23 – but many retailers will be offering deals and discounts in the run-up to the big day itself.  

Cyber Monday, however, is an online-only sale that falls on the Monday after Black Friday and is this year on November 26.

What deals to expect on Black Friday 2018

Amazon has long been at the forefront of the Black Friday sales, along with retailers like John Lewis and Argos.

Here are some of the deals to expect.

Black Friday quick links

Amazon Black Friday
John Lewis Black Friday
Argos Black Friday
Currys Black Friday
Carephone Warehouse Black Friday
AO Black Friday
GAME Black Friday
Very Black Friday
ASOS Black Friday
Boots Black Friday
Superdrug Black Friday
Debenhams Black Friday
Look Fantastic Black Friday
PrettyLittleThing Black Friday
Missguided Black Friday

Best Black Friday deals of 2018

Black Friday officially starts on Nov 23 but many retailers are getting a head start this year with early deals ahead of the big event, in fact there are plenty of great deals to take advantage of right now. Here we’ve listed some of the best across various categories. 

To make things easier, we’ve also split up the deals into different sections like TV, Gaming and Phone. 

Large home appliances

Black Friday offers the ideal opportunity to invest in large kitchen appliances like fridges and ovens at a reduced price tag. Revamp your kitchen with options from the likes of John LewisArgosCurrys and AO who are all offering top of the range and sought-after labels at more purse friendly prices.

Grundig Tall Fridge – £100 off

Best fridges

Best fridge freezers

Best ovens

Best tumble dryers

Best washing machines

Small home appliances deals

Home appliances such as kettles, fridges, microwaves and coffee machines are also set to be reduced. Keep your eyes peeled for the best deals at CurrysAO and John Lewis

Best coffee machines

Best blenders and juicers

Best pressure cookers

Best vacuum cleaners

Best kettles

Best microwaves

TV deals

In 2017, 4K TVs were a hit on Black Friday and are set to be heavily discounted this year. HisenseSony and Phillips are among the brands to look out for. We’ve gathered the best TV deals that you should have on your radar for this year.

Best TVs under £1000

Best 4K TVs

Best projectors

Laptop deals

Laptops are going to be majorly reduced, with stores such as Currys PC World and AO taking part. Some of the types of laptops to expect in the sale are Chromebooks, MacBooks and Windows computers. Apple didn’t directly participate in discounts last year but there are a whole host of different retailers offering massive saving on their devices.

Best laptops

Best laptops under £1,000

Best MacBook deals

Best iMac deals

Phone deals

Those in need of a new mobile phone will be pleased to hear that prices are going to be slashed on hundreds of handsets. Rumour has it that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be among the offers. Expect Carphone Warehouse and AO to be getting in on the action.

The iPhone X (EPA)

Best smartphone deals

Best iPhone deals

Best Samsung Galaxy deals

Best Nokia deals

Best EE deals

Best Vodafone deals

Best Carphone Warehouse deals

Best Tesco Mobile deals

Gaming deals

Black Friday is always hotly anticipated by gaming fans, too, with retailers like GAME slashing prices on consoles including the PS4 Pro and Xbox One. Last year saw a slew of great value bundles that allowed shoppers to save money on new games.The Xbox One X (Christian Petersen/Getty)

Best console deals

Best Xbox One deals

Best PS4 deals

Camera deals

Best instant cameras

Best cheap cameras

Best action cameras

Best DSLR cameras

Best digital cameras

Headphone and speaker deals

Best headphones

Best wireless headphones

Best running headphones

Best speakers

Best portable speakers

Sat nav and dash cams deals

  • MiVue 785 – will be: £99.99, was: £119.99 
  • MiVue 792 – will be: £129.99, was: £181.99
  • MiVue C330 – will be: £69.99, was: £119.99
  • MiVue 766 – will be: £109.99, was: £139.99
  • MiVue 751 – will be: £119.99, was: £149.99

Printer deals

Toy deals

Best Playmobil toys

Best LEGO toys

Best Barbie toys

Best Fisher Price toys


One of the world’s oldest and largest toy shops is offering up to 50% off hundreds of its toys and games ahead of Black Friday, from November 15-23, with savings on some of the biggest brands like LEGO, Barbie, Playmobil, Superwings, Paddington, Fisher Price, Vtech, Thomas & Friends and Ravensburger.

Fashion deals

For fashion and beauty lovers, there will be clothing and deals aplenty across major UK retailers including ASOSBootsSuperdrug and Debenhams.


Shop ASOS Black Friday deals
Shop Topshop Black Friday deals
Shop PrettyLittleThing Black Friday deals
Shop Missguided Black Friday deals

Beauty deals

Shop our the best Black Friday beauty deals here
See the website offering Black Friday deals


Five tips on how to be prepared

  • Research the items you want beforehand
  • Keep your eyes peeled for discount codes
  • Set up alerts and turn on notifications
  • Check stock level
  • Check the Evening Standard Bl
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