These ‘Game of Thrones’ Adidas Ultra Boosts Are Literal Fire


Game of Thrones will have its last and final season in 2019, which is enough for fans to be hyped about. And Adidas is making that hype even bigger: It’s been rumored in the sneaker community that the brand is set to launch some limited-edition pairs of GoTUltra Boosts. This week, sneaker collector and Instagrammer @yankeekicks posted a sneak peek of the «House of Targaryen» color way—a black, orange, and red pair that have an ode to the show on the heel tag.

There have been some other colors and themes spotted, too. Yesterday, an all-white «Queen Daenerys» pair was spotted alongside a special-edition GoT bottle of Johnny Walker:

Back in July, Yeezy Mafia—noted sneaker news and adjacent leakers—tweeted out sketches for other colors. Among them: a black and white «Night’s Watch»; white and icy blue «White Walkers»; and the cream «House of Targaryen.» There’s no news from the three stripes on the veracity of the sneakers, or any official word on their potential drop date. We’ll be waiting patiently until then.


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