Revolution Beauty London Launches «Blood of My Enemies» Highlighter for Halloween

As Halloween, the end of the earth, and the midterm elections approach, a new beauty product has really captured the collective mood: Revolution Beauty London’s Haunted Liquid Highlighter in «Blood of My Enemies.»

There’s something that feels very cathartic about (metaphorically) collecting the blood of your enemies into a skull-shaped vial and turning it into a sinister, glow-enhancing glitter. It’s the beauty version of taking lemons and making lemonade.

Blood of My Enemies is actually one of four spooky liquid highlighter shades from the brand. It also comes in Envy (white highlight tinted with green), Lover’s Wrath (white with purple-pink undertones), and Paranormal (icy white). While the blood shade looks deep red in the bottle, it’s likely lighter than it looks when actually applied to skin. The brand suggests mixing a «small drop» of product into your foundation, or applying it the same places you’d apply highlighter — cheekbones, bridge of your nose, or cupid’s bow. One reviewer recommends using the red shade as a lip and cheek stain and warns «it will stain.»

Blood of My Enemies and its three evil pals are available now on Revolution Beauty‘s website, and each shade is only $8. Snag one in time to complete your Halloween costume, or just keep ’em on your dresser and hope they have some sort of spooky beauty enemy-reducing power. And if they don’t, what better way to own your enemies than with a popping highlight?



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