BTS and VT Cosmetics Revealed Products from Their K-Beauty Collaboration

The boys of K-pop band BTS are known for their coordinated outfits and their dance moves, but in the beauty world, they’re beloved for their skin. When fans aren’t fawning over their statement makeup, they’re hoping the boys drop their skin-care routines. So it’s no surprise that BTS has been asked to collaborate on a new collection with Korean brand VT Cosmetics.

As Cosmopolitan Philippines reports, VT Cosmetics is dropping a new line designed around BT21, the band’s cartoon avatars. That means the line is packaged with colorful K-beauty cuteness that does double duty, giving fans one more way to swipe the boy’s beauty routines.

The collection consists of eight matte lipsticks in shades from «pure coral» to «vanilla pink» and «nude brick,» for sale for 15,000 won or about $13. There’s also a six-pan eyeshadow palette, tinted base, and tinted foundation.

This isn’t the first time VT has worked with BTS to start an international beauty frenzy. Last year, the two dropped a color-correcting cushion compact that worked to reduce redness and lines and contained SPF 50. The packaging also ditched the classic foundation-soaked cushions for a more hygienic product delivery system. The band (with a helping hand from VT) can’t seem to stop innovating, and we can’t wait to see what the newest iteration of VT x BTS will bring — aside from jaw-dropping cuteness. I mean, just look at this puppy packaging!

The collab drops October 12, but unfortunately for international fans, VT Cosmetics doesn’t ship to the United States (yet). Maybe it’s time to finally schedule that vacation to Seoul?



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