Gold Highlighter Looks Amazing on Literally Everyone

Highlighter has lived a life. What came into this world as a subtle way to draw attention to your cheekbones has gone through countless different incarnations. Colors, textures, finishes—any variable that beauty brands could switch up, over the past few years, they most certainly have.

So when gold shades started being featured more prominently alongside a wave of gemstone-colored highlighters, at first they seemed like a flash in the pan. Give or take a few months, and golden shades are everywhere. Fenty, naturally, paved the way with its gilded shade Trophy Wife, a yellow-gold made to suit every skin tone. Nyx’s Born to Glow imparts a gorgeous, super-intense shimmer. Even brands that excel at shimmery champagnes and peaches, like Becca—who, alongside Anastasia Beverly Hills, has cornered the market on all things glow—are welcoming the color to the stable.

Dip a finger into one, and you get it. The color sparkles on medium and dark skin tones, and warms up paler ones like golden hour light, despite looking intimidatingly extra in the pan.



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