9 Brand-New TV Shows and Movies to Watch This Week

We’re fully into September, so you know what that means: a new season of American Horror Story, beauty pageants, and the return of some of your other favorite TV shows. This week’s docket of new films and shows to watch is pretty stacked, from the Miss America pageant to A Simple Favor and a new series starring Dan Humphrey. Below, here are the things you must tune into this week.

Sunday, September 9

The 2019 Miss America Competition: It’s a pageant! So watch if you like pageants! 9 P.M. ET on ABC

You: Penn Badgley is Dan Humphrey 2.0 in this new thriller series about a guy who cyber-stalks a woman he’s interested in. 10 P.M. ET on Lifetime

Monday, September 10

Swiped: Hooking Up in the Digital Age: From HBO comes this new documentary about how dating culture is now, by and large, exclusively on your cell phone. 10 P.M. ET on HBO

Tuesday, September 11

Flipping Out: Because what better way is there to unwind than watching people get worked up over interior design? 10 P.M. ET on Bravo

Wednesday, September 12

American Horror Story: ApocalypseMurder House and Coven cross over in this hybrid season of AHS, which takes place literally at the end of the world.10 P.M. on FX

Thursday, September 13

Flip or Flop Atlanta: Again, watching home renovations is fun! Especially in Atlanta, where it should be a crime if houses don’t get turbo AC installed. 9 P.M ET on HGTV

Friday, September 14

The Land of Steady Habits: A wealthy financier abandons his cushy life in Westport, Connecticut and goes down a path of self-destructive behavior that threatens his family life. Streaming on Netflix


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A Simple Favor: Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick star in this adaptation of Darcey Bell’s novel about a woman whose new friend goes missing after she asks her to pick her son up from school. In theaters

Saturday, September 15

Unspeakable Crime: The Killing of Jessica Chambers : A documentary special about the late Jessica Chambers, a 19-year-old woman who was burned alive in rural Mississippi. 7 P.M. ET on Oxygen



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